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Thursday, February 22, 2007

International Scarf Exchange 4

I'm stepping out on faith in posting my questionnaire, trusting that my request to join will be accepted -- the cutoff is 200 participants, so you best hurry! Check it out at:

The ISE4 Questionnaire:

Please fill this out and email it back to ISEhostesses at gmail dot com as soon as you can.

1. Your full name.

Iris Armstrong

2. The name you use when blogging.

Iris in Iowa

3. The best email address for us to use when contacting you.

4. Your Blog URL. though I’ve not done much with it yet. Guess I can start by posting this questionnaire, can’t I? J

5. Country

United States

6. Your mailing address (This will only be disclosed to your pal.)

West Des Moines, IA USA

7. Colours you like.

Reds, purples, blues – cool colors

8. Colours you hate.

Orange, most greens

9. Fibres you like.

Anything natural and soft

10. Fibres you hate/allergies.

Anything hard, scratchy or that sheds.

11. Preferred scarf length.

Whatever the pattern dictates.

12. Solid or variegated?

Yes. Either.

13. Cables or lace?

Yes. Either.

14. Are you interested in a crochet or woven scarf?

However your creative juices move you – I’ll be thrilled with whatever you dream up!

15. Would you prefer a pal with a blog?

Either with or without.

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